Finding the Right Path to Cloud

Finding the Right Path to Cloud

Finding the Right Path to Cloud

January 04, 2017 | Posted by: Domenick Wissel |

While many organizations have begun to move applications to the cloud, their cloud journeys are nowhere near complete. When asked to grade their cloud efforts in terms of returned business value, the vast majority of Computerworld Tech Forecast 2017 respondents gave themselves a B (“We’re getting good business value from our cloud efforts”) or C (“We’re gaining some business value, despite some roadblocks”). Only 15 percent think they’re getting excellent business value from their cloud efforts, which is cause for concern. Organizations should be taking the time to develop comprehensive cloud strategies that address their specific business needs and ensures they are receiving the greatest possible value from their cloud investments. The cloud is an incredible business enabler, so why are organizations settling for anything but the greatest possible value?

At the same time, the lack of returned value may come from the fact that many organizations are only partially through the process of moving to the cloud. As part of the same Computerworld survey, 26 percent of respondents stated that they have only moved some enterprise applications to the cloud and have plans to move additional applications over in the future. This begs the question: What applications are best suited for hosting in the cloud? Most organizations aren’t ready to answer this question: According to IDG Enterprise’s 2016 Cloud Computing survey, 56 percent of organizations are still in the process of determining which IT operations are the optimal candidates for cloud hosting.

Some answers can be found in the No Jitter 2016 Cloud Communications Survey, which reported that cloud use is expanding for four service types: cloud PBX, team collaboration and other mobile application services, Unified Communications and contact center. However, this brings forth yet another question: Why are organizations increasing their cloud investments in these areas? According to the aforementioned No Jitter survey, top goals for cloud communications investments include lowering total cost of ownership, increasing business agility and improving system resiliency. Since most organizations are not yet receiving excellent value from their cloud investments, it seems logical to conclude that many organizations have room to save more money and become more agile and resilient by following more strategic cloud adoption strategies.

The first step forward with cloud investments should always involve the development of a clearly defined strategy, which is why it is so important to partner with a trusted advisor. SPS is the ideal partner to assist with moving Unified Communications and contact center systems to the cloud. SPS is one of the only UCaaS cloud providers that can deliver leading edge functionality while also providing the scalability and reliability required by many organizations. SPS works hand-in-hand with leading vendors like Avaya, Cisco and Microsoft to architect highly secure and scalable private cloud solutions that deliver the full suite of UC features and contact center capabilities for a high quality user experience. SPS also handles delivery and support for cloud and hybrid deployments.

SPS has a proven track record of helping companies achieve greater success in the cloud. SPS has architected everything from a resilient Cisco UC voice and video solution hosted in one of SPS’s Tier 4 data centers to an Avaya Aura UC and contact center cloud solution hosted in an SPS overseas data center. SPS’s expertise and experience across a wide breadth of cloud deployments make it the ideal cloud adoption partner and advisor.

Are you committed to developing the proper strategy for moving applications to the cloud and, in turn, enhancing the business value you receive from your cloud investments? Contact SPS today to learn more about how we can help you find the right cloud solution for your precise business needs.

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