Cloud Deployment Options

Fully customizable options for your cloud strategy.

The SPS range of cloud solutions enables you to implement the technology you need on terms that suit your preference, budgeting and business model.

By combining equipment, software, applications and managed services in a cloud deployment option with a flexible, per-user monthly fee structure, your business can easily adapt as your needs evolve. SPS stays engaged to monitor, manage and optimize these systems so you can be assured of their dependability.

SPS cloud-based models include traditional ownership, public-cloud, private-cloud and hybrid models.

  • Ownership: Client purchases the hardware and software outright as a capital expenditure (CapEx), for deployment on the client’s premises. The solution is dedicated to the purchasing client alone (single-tenancy) and is highly customizable and secure.
  • Public Cloud: Client purchases the functionality of the solution as an Operating Expense (OpEx) on a pay-as-you-go, monthly basis. Servers reside with the service provider and multiple clients receive the service from a common pool of servers (multi-tenancy). Security risks are possible and customization is potentially limited.
  • Private Cloud: Combines the benefits of Ownership and Public Cloud – a secure, customizable, single-tenant solution purchased on a monthly OpEx basis.
  • Hybrid Cloud: Any combination of the above features.  

Have you started your journey to cloud services? Check out this infographic to learn why SPS Cloud Services are the key to enhancing your Unified Communications & Collaboration strategy!

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