Amit Basu

Amit Basu directs IT strategy and large-scale transformational technology initiatives within SPS to improve performance and enterprise value. He partners with the sales, operations, finance and accounting teams as part of internal technology strategy. Amit is able to bridge the gap between the business and technology subsets of the organization to foster improved trust and alignment of goals. By helping SPS innovate its processes and systems, Amit ensures that the company achieves its priorities of increased agility, productivity and efficiency.

Amit has held senior leadership roles in various technology and professional services organizations for the last 20 years. He possesses a successful record of building technology platforms and business processes for startups and growing organizations. Most recently, Amit founded cognativ, a provider of consulting services and thought leadership in the areas of technology and business strategy. He previously served as the executive vice president of technology and professional services for Scivantage, where he reorganized technology teams to break up silos and improved the communication and interaction model with offshore resources. Amit also served as the chief information officer for an Accenture business unit and chief information officer and executive vice president for InvestorForce. He earned his Bachelor of Engineering in mechanical engineering from University College London.

With his experience in managing large implementation and integration projects, as well as organization-wide process re-engineering, Amit helps SPS grow into its role as a leading systems integrator and managed services provider.

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