Business Continuity

Disaster can strike anywhere, at any time, and advanced planning is essential to ensure business continuity through an emergency.

Hurricanes like Sandy and Katrina, along with the yearly crop of tornadoes, winter storms, torrential rain and flooding and even political attacks – all have the potential to interrupt business, disrupt vital services, jeopardize revenue streams and even threaten human life.

SPS offers a wide range of Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery (BC/DR) services to keep employees connected and productive, regardless of disasters and emergencies. Experts from SPS design and deploy precautions including backup power, redundant remote systems and mirrored storage. Locally survivable processors (LSPs) enable network applications to fail-over to alternate, secure locations. Data backup and alternative power solutions ensure that critical sites will remain operational under the worst conditions.

The best part? Many of these solutions provide operational benefits every day, not just in emergencies – offering increased flexibility for administrative operations and user functions.

Disasters and emergencies will test the reliability of your business communications when you need them the most. Be prepared. Talk with your SPS representative today to learn more about keeping your employees connected and functioning under every circumstance.

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