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Business process outsourcing (BPO) helps companies to improve service levels, reduce costs and gain access to best-in-class customer-service practices – without the cost and complexity of developing and managing these capabilities in-house.

Bringing distinctive capabilities to market requires business process outsourcers (BPOs) to develop, customize and manage multiple applications that address a broad range of client requirements and business needs. To thrive, BPOs must compete successfully with their customers’ own in-house IT resources – providing customized capabilities that address their business concerns better than they can themselves. This obliges BPOs to methodically find and exploit the efficiencies that enable them to operate profitably.

Rapid technological change means that their clients are now turning to BPOs for new customer experience capabilities, including voice self-service, video integration, social media and mobility applications. They seek a seamless experience that redefines what it means to engage with their customers.

For over ten years, SPS has specialized in delivering the capabilities that enable BPOs to meet client needs, including:

  • Asset Rationalization, Consolidation and Optimization: As BPOs win contracts and clients, they are increasingly challenged by data center sprawl.  Some applications scale up, while previously-valid designs under-utilize the latest hardware. Sprawl introduces its own challenges in management, maintenance and operating expense.

SPS works with BPO clients to develop technology roadmaps with a clear business case to justify investments and maximize returns.

  • Application Transformation: The BPO application landscape is complex by nature, ranging from basic technology infrastructure to a wide variety of off-the-shelf and bespoke applications.

To efficiently meet these requirements, SPS uses best-in-breed development environments including CaféX, Avaya Application Enablement Services, Engagement Development Platform, Experience Portal and web-based platforms – using both on-shore and off-shore developers to deliver the right solution and the right price-point.

  • Virtualization: Virtualized environments enable applications to use server resources more efficiently, but those with real-time and high-availability requirements – like voice, video and collaboration – place additional demands for network latency, server utilization, load-balancing and provisioning.

SPS maintains technical teams specialized in virtualization, VoIP, video, collaboration and other disciplines adjacent to communications. This cross-functional expertise is available to every BPO client.

The SPS BPO practice has been delivering value to clients globally since 2004.  In that time we have delivered countless unique, custom-tailored applications to help BPOs provide their clients with sound business value while helping them gain control over capital and operating expenditures. Technologies include:

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