A communications and collaboration solution is only as solid as the infrastructure behind it. Before you implement the solution, your network must be ready to support the convergence of real-time communications with legacy data traffic, while ensuring the clarity of the media stream for Video and Voice over IP (VoIP) applications.

Converged Solutions Engineering Services from SPS provide a family of assessment, design and implementation services to identify potential concerns, remediate them and extend the capabilities of your network. Based on our experience on more than 3,000 converged network deployments, SPS has clearly established best practices for converged network implementation and Quality of Service (QoS). SPS partners with industry leaders to provide a solid platform for the applications that enable your business. We can thoroughly assess your current network environment, and then help you design and implement a network that can handle your converged requirements.

Be confident of the success of your converged communication implementation. Trust SPS to scrutinize and remediate your WAN configuration and readiness, LAN capacity and configuration, protocol support and network performance.

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