SPS understands that every midmarket business is unique, with its own distinctive business model, challenges, opportunities and needs. Supporting those needs with the right communications technology is vital. Other vendors may regard mid-size companies as small. SPS realizes that your business needs and technology requirements are important to you and essential to your business. Whether your needs call for readymade or tailored functionality, meeting those needs with the right solutions is our priority – and SPS believes that businesses of every size should have access to solutions that are scalable, flexible, cost-effective and feature-rich. Our dedicated Midmarket Practice addresses the communications, networking and collaboration needs of this market segment with trained and experienced sales, design, technical and support teams.

I continue to be impressed with the level of support we receive from the SPS Technical Services team. They consistently deliver — their response and concern for the end user is quick, thorough and appreciated. I have the best support team from SPS and appreciate their commitment!

Technology Engineer, Banking Industry

Many midsize businesses depend upon a network of remote workers, consultants, partners and vendors who don’t work under one roof and are decreasingly tied to a desk. When partnering across locations, collaboration features like desktop sharing, video and webcasting help get the work done while building the relationships that enable employees to excel. Additional collaboration capabilities like Instant Messaging and Presence, Mobility, and Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) help companies maintain a tight, cohesive organization – even when the workforce is dispersed around the country or around the world.

These capabilities introduce new IT challenges, including network security, integration with new and existing applications, choosing the best deployment model for the organization’s needs and finding the expertise to manage it all. Highly experienced solution architects from SPS can help you align a communications and collaboration strategy to your business goals and end user requirements. With a broad set of application integration and delivery options, SPS will implement a collaboration solution that is right for your organization now, and sets the foundation for future growth.

Contact SPS to learn more about how mid-size customers can get the big benefits of enterprise-scale solutions, without the enterprise price tag:

  • Converged networking to support your growth
  • Technology platforms right sized to your needs and projected growth
  • Flexible communication options for your employees
  • Integrated solutions that are easy to install, use and manage

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