SPS understands that security should not serve as a barrier on the road to innovation. At the same time, organizations are facing a more unstable and complicated security landscape than ever before due to the abundance of emerging technologies and rise of shadow IT. Organizations need a partner who can help them strike the right balance between security and innovation.

Network security has changing requirements, and every year brings changes in how organizations choose to meet these requirements. The three main drivers of network security implementations are:

  • Compliance with mandated standards. PCI, HIPAA and other standards require that organizations safeguard their information.
  • Loss prevention. Organizations must protect private information that could expose them to litigation or embarrassment, loss of money or violation of trade secret protection.
  • Prevention, detection and removal of viruses. Information systems and end-user workstations must operate in an optimal manner, free of malware like viruses.

Different technologies help organizations accomplish these goals. SPS engineers maintain expertise with the latest network security technologies. SPS security services include:

  • Firewall / Next Generation Firewall
  • IPS / IDS
  • Email and Web Filtering
  • Identity Services Management
  • Security Control Architecture
  • Threat Prevention
  • ACI
  • Assessments / Analysis

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