SIP Enablement

Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) is a protocol used to set up real-time communication sessions between internet-protocol (IP) enabled communication devices. Sessions can include a variety of media – voice, video, presence and instant messaging – and supported devices include IP telephones, laptop computers, mobile and smartphones, IM clients and more. Because SIP is based on open standards, it supports interoperability among vendors such as Avaya, Microsoft, Cisco, Google and many others.

SIP Trunking consolidates voice and data traffic on converged IP trunks. The potential savings are compelling, but as with any emerging technology, delivering the expected benefits requires a clear strategy, unified approach and appropriate levels of investment.

Converged architecture engineers from SPS have the experience to assess your operating environment and recommend an approach to SIP integration that fits your priorities and budget. In-depth analysis of your network by SPS design consultants can reveal significant potential cost savings. Engage SPS to develop a customized strategic roadmap that demonstrates how your organization can boost network performance and communication capabilities.

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