SPS Authorized Agent Program

Add Strategic Value!

Enterprise-grade solutions without the extensive learning and certification requirements

The SPS Authorized Agent Program empowers small communication vendors to engage the full resources of SPS on behalf of their Small and Medium enterprise customers. This is not a traditional vendor authorization program. As an SPS Authorized Agent, you rely upon SPS as a systems integrator and authorized reseller in support of your customers. This means you are not subject to extensive learning and certification requirements.

Essentially, this agreement permits you to offer your customers enterprise-grade solutions such as comprehensive Avaya IP-enabled communications systems, sales support, installation and maintenance services.

The benefits of this arrangement are multifold:

  • Bolster your position as the trusted advisor for your existing customers
  • Expand your revenue potential
  • Strengthen your value proposition
  • Gain access to industry-leading, certified technical, engineering and support resources
  • Leverage SPS certifications (including Avaya and Microsoft)
  • Gain guest access to Avaya University Online
  • Attain national coverage

In addition, as an Authorized Agent you are free from upfront investment and minimum volume requirements.

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