Workforce Optimization

What factors determine whether a customer interaction produces a positive outcome? Often it’s the agent that makes the difference, but this doesn’t tell the whole story. How was the “right agent” trained? Why was the call routed to that employee? What business systems supported the interaction?

To ensure the quality of every customer interaction, contact center managers need a business system – a repeatable approach.

Workforce Optimization delivers immediate and measurable results by providing real-time visibility into performance and accountability with management tools that facilitate issue remediation and best practices for management. As a result, contact center managers are empowered to be more effective and operations can predictably attain service-level agreements (SLAs) – resulting in dramatic improvements in customer satisfaction and voice-of-the-customer feedback.

With our Customer Experience Consulting practice, SPS can help your enterprise gain a clearer picture of what customers think, want and need – and how effectively you’re delivering it.

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